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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Orientation and 10 fingers again

Yesterday was the first official day for me as a student at Hebrew Union College. We started orientation. It was really great gathering as one whole community with all of the students and many of the professors. Michael Marmur, our Dean here in Jerusalem, is a very funny man and I am looking forward to many conversations with him over the year. David Ellison, the president of HUC, was also there to welcome us and had some very nice things to say. He also was quite funny. The director of our program, Rabbin Naamah Kelman, was the first woman ordained in Israel. She seems very nice, and really on top of things. So, we did a lot of sitting and learning about who and what would be going on for the year. And, we ended with some time with smaller groups and our interns. It was a nice way to end the day and get us all thinking about the year to come.

So, I took off the bandage this morning. While it's nice to have all of my fingers again, my pinky is still quite sore, and it's going to take some more healing time before I am ready to play sports again. Of course, I am not afraid of dislocating my finger again, because it wasn't so enjoyable the first time. But, I'll be alright...just can't keep thinking about it. We are having a nice Shabbat this weekend with some Alumni of HUC, and I believe my Rabbi from Atlanta, Rabbi Julie Schwartz, will be here, so it will be nice to see her.

More to come later...

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