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Tuesday, July 17, 2007

What a Day!

So, the day began with another Hebrew exam. It seems there was not much of a difference between the Alef and Bet Hebrew classes, so they wanted to retest us and restructure the classes if needed. I am still in Alef, and perfectly happy with that. The teacher is VERY nice and does a great job explaining things. I think I will learn a lot from her. The only problem is that several of my friends were unhappy with the way things turned out. This was pulling on my heart strings all day. It took the words of one of my classmates/friends who made me realize that we should all be happy to be here. I hope these words ring true for those of my friends who are unhappy.

For dinner, we celebrated another friend's birthday at a restaurant called Spaghettim. Unfortunately, it wasn't kosher, but I made do. Carlie really enjoyed it and many of my friends are really enjoying spending time with Carlie, so it makes life A LOT easier. After dinner, I walked with two of my friends to my friend's store, Ora Jerusalem. I actually met this store owner 7 years ago when I was here in 2000. When I went to his store for the first time 3 weeks ago in 7 years, he remembered me by name, on the spot.

So, I've been taking a lot of my friends there, and I think I'll take my friends there tomorrow as well. He has everything you could want to buy, and some things you haven't thought of! He invited me to join him for Maariv (evening services) at his Shul which was just around the corner from his shop. It was a Sephardic (from Sepharad meaning Spanish) Shul. I was actually able to follow along, and it was nice to clear my head and just pray. It really helped to put things in perspective, and it was the closest I have felt to God since I have been here.

After services, I went to play poker with some of my classmates. It was a good end to the day. I am ready to turn in to bed, and enjoy a nice night of sleep, to awaken to a day of promise and hope!

Baruch HaShem!

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