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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Ein Gedi Spa/Dead Sea and Hiking Israel

Friday, August 10 was an outstanding day! Except for the fact that we started about an hour and a half late and also except for some small squabbling in the car by some wandering Jews, our trek to the Ein Gedi Spa was very successful. Each of us had amazing spa treatment including massages, mud baths, swimming in the Dead Sea, or swimming in the chlorine pool. Now, here's a big difference. In America, when you go swimming, the bottom of the pool is very rough and you can easily cut yourself on the bottom. In Israel, the bottom of the pool is very smooth, and padded. Therefore you are able to walk or whatever on the bottom of the pool without worrying about stubbing your toe or cutting yourself. On the flip side, however, the walls of the pool are the same color as the water, so if you happen to not be paying attention, you can run into the side of the pool. You'll have to ask my wife about that one.

When we came back to Jerusalem, we had Shabbat Dinner at our place. As usual, the woman who I live with who doesn't believe she can cook at all, cooked an amazing dinner, enjoyed by all. Unfortunately, the night ended with a classmate getting sick, but she's better now, and Batya wants to explain that our classmate did NOT get sick from her cooking.

Today, on Shabbat, several of us went on an outstanding 5 mile hike. It was a moderate level hike, with great sites to see, and plenty to enjoy. It was nice getting out there on Shabbat and just enjoying Israel away from the city. I am terribly sunburned, and am learning that I need to wear sunblock if I don't want to have problems with my skin later on in life.

Just for an update, Ulpan is still very time consuming and it's only getting harder. However, our teacher is amazing and she is really working us hard. I am looking forward to the last 2 weeks of Ulpan as we prepare for our first vacation from HUC.

Shavua Tov!

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Hiking In Israel said...

Dead Sea sounds really cool and for the matter of fact ,i am amazed to read that you did swimming there. What a lovely creation by nature? Definitely it is worth the trip.