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Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Jewish Quarter, Auschwitz Day 3, and Salt Mines

Well, yesterday we all went to the Jewish Quarter. We took some really nice pictures, and both of the synagogues, the Progressive one and the Orthodox one were gorgeous. The Progressive one was actually quite a bit bigger, but the Orthodox one had a HUGE cemetary. I'll have pictures up tomorrow. Of course, as we were leaving the Progressive synagogue, Carlie vomited all over herself and her stroller. This is the first time she's done that in a long time. But, we had a nice lunch in the Jewish Quarter, a real "Jewish meal."

Today, PJ and I went back to Auschwitz because I really thought it was important for PJ to see the Gas Chamber and crematorium. It was a very terrifying experience again, but it was more emotional for me this time. Showing someone else this horrific building was worse than seeing it for the first time. What made matters worse was that PJ and I went and had lunch and went back to the gas chamber one more time before returning to Krakow. There were three people in the gas chamber and one of them took a picture. There is a sign that clearly states that no pictures are allowed. I was very frustrated by this person. I felt it was very disrespectful, but I was able to get that out of mind and say the Mourner's Kaddish one more time before I left.

This afternoon, we went to the salt mines in Krakow. They are 130 meters below the surface. We took some amazing pictures of undergound churches, one that is the largest underground church in the world. The pictures are pretty amazing, and we'll have those up tomorrow as well. We are getting up very early tomorrow to fly back to Israel. We will be in Vienna for 2 hours in the morning, arriving in Tel Aviv around 3 pm. I am anxious to get back to Israel for the last few days of my vacation. I am very excited to begin my schoolwork on Sunday. I'll write more next week with an explanation of the first week of classes.

Laila Tov!

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