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Wednesday, September 19, 2007

First Israeli Seminar Day

Today was quite a day! I know I have said something similar to that with most of my posts, but there are so many "wow" moments in this program. One of the great opportunities and privileges about being a Rabbinical student at HUC is a program called the Israeli Seminar Days. Each of these days will have their own identity, and today was an introduction to the program. After a few minutes going over the syllabus, we went on a short walk to the back of the King David Hotel. The King David Hotel is the site of a bombing by one of the first underground armies in Israel. This bombing was an attempt to show the British how serious the Jews in Israel were about having their own sovereignty.

After we arrived at our spot, we were asked to think about kodak moments in our lives that really spoke about our experiences or feelings about Israel. It was pretty easy for me to speak about my moments, but what I really was shocked to hear were my classmates' experiences. They opened their hearts and these memories just poured out. Each memory of my classmates brought up new memories of my own. This moment with my classmates really opened my mind, and now this is one of the kodak snapshot moments which define my experiences and relationship with Israel.

I am looking forward to Yom Kippur in Israel. It will truly be a hard day, but will be one I really appreciate when I look back on it. Then we take a 3 day tiyul next week. We are going to the North, and I will take lots of pictures!

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