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Tuesday, September 25, 2007

HUC Tiyul up North

I have said this already, and I will continue to say it...the program at HUC is invaluable. I learn something new every day and I am always looking forward to what I will learn next. These past 3 days, we have been places I have already been to in my life. However, I learned so much more. From the Biblical perspective of the Kingdom of Israel in the North at Tel Dan to the animal bones found in the 300 communities found from the Iron Age in the West Bank...I learned so much.

Being so close to Lebanon and Syria, you would have expected to be terrified. In actuality, I felt safer up in the North than I have felt since we've been here. The air was clean and pure. The views were breathtaking and everything was so clean! Our hostel on the Kinneret was beautiful and we really enjoyed being together in the evenings just relaxing and living!

At Tel Dan, we learned about the tension between the Kingdom of Judah in the South and the Kingdom of Israel in the North. We also learned that the Bible we read today was written from the point of view of the Southern Kingdom. Many, many differences including the idea of golden calves, which in the Northern Kingdom were just places for God to sit, God's throne. But, according to the Kingdom in the South, the Golden Calves were worshipped, and were bad news. Who knows what we would have learned if the Torah was written in the perspective of the North?

I really enjoyed our trip to the North. I can't wait to take Batya and Carlie there to show them the beauty of the North. A trip to Israel without seeing the North is not complete. And, besides, the Chalutzim (Pioneers) did so much to ensure we would be able to see the North; it would be a shame to not visit and pay respect to the work that was done to make the area beautiful! Check out my webshots page for some pretty great pictures!


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