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Sunday, November 4, 2007

Being an American Football Fan living in a "Football" World

I haven't spent much time in this blog speaking about how it is living as an American in a foreign country. I would like to spend the majority of this blog addressing this. Let me just put this out there first. I am a Zionist, I always have been a Zionist, and I always will be a Zionist. My love for Eretz Yisrael is spiritual, religious, and among many other things unconditional. This doesn't mean I love everything about Israel. On the contrary, there are many things about Israel I don't love.

It is quite difficult at times to be an American in Israel, whether it's the lack of language ability or just the cultural differences in the approach to common communication. What strikes me as most difficult are the little things, the less than really important things...i.e., watching football, that is American football, not to get confused with the "real football." And, trust me, as an avid soccer fan, player and coach for many years, I do love soccer. But to an American, there is only one kind of football, and it doesn't involve a round ball.

Let's also discuss the fact that American Jews really have a difficult time being American football fans. After all, the ball used is not so kosher---it's a pigskin. But, I digress. As a die hard University of Georgia football fan, I have enjoyed watching them play for quite a long time...and it's not the easiest thing to do in Israel. First, there's the time change. Than, there's the fact that Israeli television only plays ACC and Big 12 football games. Sometimes, they play PAC 10 games...but there is only one a week. So, while I watch the football game from the less than real conference on tv, I listen over the internet to the UGA game. And, let me tell you...listening to UGA destroy the University of Florida gators wasn't as great as watching it!

We are having a great time here...with our weekly trip to visit our Ethiopian family in Meveseret Zion, an absorption center, and all the other wonderful things we do...including breakfast together (while Carlie is in daycare) on Fridays! We realize our time is flying by here, and we can't wait to see Dad and Mom in January!

Here's to more FOOTBALL and less "football!"


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