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Thursday, January 3, 2008

Broken finger on Christmas???

That's right, I did it again, and this time on Christmas! In the first 31 years of my life, the only broken bone I had was my left femur. In 6 months in Israel, I have severely dislocated one finger (the pinkie on my left hand) and broken another (the index finger on my right hand). You see, I play on the HUC football team in the American Football in Israel league(AFI--, click on the TNFL link). We are the HUCstables, and I am Grandpa Russell! Well, we were playing our second game against Pardes, the only other religious institution that supplies a team in our league. It was the last play of the 1st should have been a touchdown pass. Instead, it was an incomplete pass (a great defensive play by the Pardes player) and a broken finger for me! It could have been worse as it was a small fracture in the finger. The good news is that I get to take the "cast" off on Monday just before my first final.

That's right, finals...the first set of finals at the end of my first semester in Rabbinical school! It's awesome that I've made it to this point. It was a long, very demanding semester, but I made it. And, as for my finals, I definitely feel I am prepared. I attended class 99% of the time, and completed all assignments. All that is left is for me to study...and then take the exams. I am excited and nervous at the same time!

I want to say something about New Years in Israel. It was a pretty quiet night. After putting Carlie to sleep, Batya and I settled down to watch some TV and enjoy a bottle of wine. There were a couple of parties hosted by my HUC classmates, but I just enjoyed a quiet night with Batya watching some football. We are enjoying our time here, but we are getting quite homesick. My Dad is coming to visit next weekend and then Batya's Mom is coming to visit after that. It will be a great needed rest, and we are excited. Of course, going to Athens, Greece to visit Susan, Scott and Kaylin at the end of January will also be awesome!

I'll try and write some more after exams...what a great relief it will be to have those finished!

Until then...

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