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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Really? I didn't expect to see snow this year. We have now seen snow twice in the past week, first in Athens (for about 15 minutes) and today in Jerusalem. Actually, it started snowing late last night, and is expected to continue through tonight. Everything shuts down...schools, restaurants, businesses, etc. It's a bit like Yom Kippur, but with some cars on the road, and REALLY COLD!!!

I'll post some pictures of this, it's pretty fantastic. Except for our apartment being freezing, it's pretty cool. I know we'll have to get used to this because it will be like this in Cinci next year, but next year we'll have working heat and we'll be living in a place that doesn't leak. We have several leaks in our laundry room and one in our kitchen. So, just like when we first moved in, we have been using towels to keep the floors dry, and we just hope we don't run out of towels!

Anyway, school starts next week, and we are looking forward to a great semester. I did pretty well first semester: 5 B's and 3 A's. It seems I am cut out for this, and I am glad to know that I've kept my good study habits from college which sometimes seems like many years ago. Anyway, the NY Football Giants are in the Super Bowl, so Sunday night/Monday morning will be a LONG night, and then Batya's Mom heads out Monday. It will be a long few days, but we'll get back to our normal lives next week, and then just a few short months before we are home.

I'll write some more next week!
Stay warm!

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Joe said...

Somehow, "Next year in Cincinnati" doesn't have quite the same ring to it :)