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Saturday, January 26, 2008

Vacation in Greece with Susan, Scott and Kaylin

Well, we've been in Athens, Greece for about 3 days now. I always have loved Athens, Georgia(GO DAWGS!!!), but Athens, Greece is pretty awesome too! We arrived on Wednesday night. Carlie was really great on the plane...she bounced back and forth from my lap to Batya's lap to Mom's lap! We arrived a bit late, but it was really great to see Susan waiting for us when we arrived.

After a good night's sleep, we headed to the mall in Athens with Susan and Kaylin to do some shopping for Carlie. We bought her a few pairs of shoes, and had lunch at Ruby Tuesdays!!! It was our first American meal in 6 months...and boy do we enjoy it. Susan, Scott and Kaylin's house is VERY pretty and they have helped to make us feel very welcome. It's so nice to be with family as we miss home soooooo much! And, it's nice to shower in a clean shower!

Yesterday, we left the house at 6:30 am to catch a bus to a day cruise. We sailed to two islands, Poros and Aegina. We were able to take some time to walk around the islands and take some great pictures. The only bad thing was that Carlie got sick and threw up on the bus on the second island. We have learned that Carlie very easily gets carsick and really can't sit anywhere but the front of buses!

Every single person on the boat loved Carlie...and I should have started to charge people because everyone wanted pictures with Carlie. We could have made a fortune...maybe next time. We have two and a half more days in Athens. We are really having a great time, and I am now getting excited about 2nd semester and the new classes I will take. Next semester I will be continuing with Hebrew, modern and biblical, taking a history course on the Arab/Israeli conflict, continuing with Liturgy, and taking a Rabbinics class. In this class, we'll be looking at the Talmud and Midrash....from the Rabbinic period. I am very excited for it.

One more's official! Carlie, Batya and I will be at Capital Camps in Pennsylvania this summer. I will be working as a village director for 13 and 14 year olds while Batya will be working in either the office or the infirmary. Carlie will be with a babysitter all day getting to experience all of camp life! It will be a lot of fun!

Only 4 months to go....this semester should pass really quickly. I'll post again next week during the first week of 2nd semester! Oh, btw, our HUC football team is the 4th seed in the playoffs with our first playoff game the first Tuesday in February. Wish us luck!!!

L'hitraot for now!

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