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Friday, March 28, 2008

Tabili Mayim!!!

Ok, for those of you looking at this title and wondering what the heck that means, I'll tell you. One way of "asking" (I put this in quotes because Americans asking and Israelis asking are two totally different things) for water is to say "Tevili Mayim." (pronouned Tu vee lee Mah yeem) As Carlie is going to a Hebrew speaking (and sometimes Arabic) kindergarten at the YMCA, she is speaking more Hebrew than English. Actually, the other day when Batya asked Carlie to place something on the table, Carlie responded, "Lo table, Shulchan." (Not table, table (in Hebrew).

Yesterday, Batya, Carlie and I drove to Eilat for a nice family vacation. The Israel Progressive Movement for Judaism (IMPJ) holds a bike ride to raise awareness for Progressive Judaism in Israel. The bike ride begins in Tel Aviv and ends in Eilat - a 5 day bike ride. So, along with our family vacation, we went down to cheer on the riders as they ended their ride. It was nice to see so many of my classmates participating.

Getting back to Carlie...we were having dinner at our hotel last night. Carlie finished her juice and wanted water. So, she started screaming at us and at everyone in the restaurant, "Tabili Mayim!" Now, as Carlie's Aba, I was very impressed with her Hebrew, and Batya and I both laughed. At the same time, we were immediately hushing her because it was kind of loud and quite rude. Several of the servers looked at us funny, and some giggled with us!

We had a yacht ride in the Gulf of Eilat last night with many of the riders. It was really nice...the weather is great here, and Carlie had a blast. I will post pictures up to our webshots page in the next couple of days. Today, we walked on the boardwalk in Eilat. It was really nice to just get out and be a family without any worries...and Carlie enjoyed the sun!

Next week, I'll be hiking with some classmates up North a bit. I am looking foward to getting out with some classmates, and enjoying nature!

Purim....I am sure you've already seen the pictures. Carlie's 2nd Purim, and first in Jerusalem, was a lot of fun. She really enjoyed being Minnie Mouse, and Batya and I had a great time too. It was really a spectacular sight to see so many people in costumes around Jerusalem. Not much else is going on. We are officially 8 weeks away from our return to the States. In just a few weeks, I'll be traveling to Belorussia with some classmates to lead Passover Seders in the FSU. It will be a great experience, and I am looking forward to it!

I'll try and get another blog up before the trip to the FSU, but I'll for sure have one after the trip!

Shabbat Shalom!

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