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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Has it really been that long??

Wow...has it really been over a month since my last post? I am so sorry..I know I should do a better job. So, what have I been doing for the past month and a half? Well, here's a list:
I've been to my Student Congregation twice
I have created a Curriculum to teach Mishnah to a Congregation
I have outlined the Torah
I have kept up with hundreds of pages of reading for school
I have taught in the Cincinnati Reform Jewish High School
I have created a Conversion and B'Nai Mitzvah Project
I have written and rewritten an assignment for my Bible class
I have written two assignments for Literature...Ok, I think you get the idea. That list could go on and on, but needless to say I am VERY busy. I am really enjoying myself, and I am learning so much! I now have a passion for history that I never had, and I can't wait to continue learning more history, as well as everything else. I'll blog about my classes next semester after I have attended each of them!

Oh, I am journeying back to Israel in 2 weeks! I am leading approximately 40 22-26 year olds who have never been to Israel. We are spending 11 days in Israel. There is no way to show the entire country in 11 days, but we're going to experience as much as we can! I am traveling with a group called Israel Experts. They are a part of Birthright Israel - a program started 8 years ago to bring Jews (between the ages of 18-26) to Israel. It's an outstanding program...truth be told, my first time to Israel was leading one of these trips when I worked for Hillel at the University of Illinois.

Right now, I am in the middle of "Reading Week." It's the week of studying just before our 2 days of finals. I only have 2 finals, and they are both on Monday. I am looking forward to finishing up this semester, journeying to Israel, and getting ready for next semester! Next semester, I am actually taking on a second student congregation. So, in the months of February, March and May, I will be traveling to my congregation in Arkansas. It will be an awesome experience...I can't wait!

That's all for now. I hope everyone is doing well, and staying warm!


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ktbtodd said...

thanks for finally explaining the Israel trip to us. i had a friend do that trip last year and she said it was fabulous. have fun!