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Monday, January 19, 2009

New Years on a plane?

Shalom friends and family!

Well, since I last updated my blog, so many things have happened! I finished my 3rd semester of Rabbinical School - the first in Cincinnati! I passed all of my classes, a big relief. I really was not concerned, but until the grades are in, there is always a bit of discomfort. It seems that this semester will be very interesting! My teachers are very nice and they seem interesting. Here are my classes for this semester: Biblical Poetry, Biblical Hebrew (focused on Poetry), Midrash, History, Theology, A continuation of my Teaching Courses, A continuation of my Life Cycle Event course, and Limud (in which we learn how to chant the Prophets and Writings - the Haftarah). It will be a busy semester - as usual - but it will be very interesting, and I am excited for it!

On December 31, I met my newest group of friends! I helped to lead a group of 35 22-26 year olds who had never been to Israel. Along with my co-madricha, Claire, our tour guide, Yael, our guard, Eviatar, and our driver, Miguel, we traversed the entire country of Israel in 11 days. We covered a lot of history, and visited some amazing places. We truly had a great time! Israel Experts, the tour provider, is an amazing organization. I would recommend to anyone who is interested in the Birthright program that they check out Israel Experts: They are an amazing organization, and I truly hope to lead a trip with them again. While in Israel, I made some great friends for life, and I was able to reconnect with many of my friends in Israel. It was truly a great time, although I missed Batya and Carlie VERY much!

Now, it's time to put my nose back in the books, and study hard. Many of my friends tell me to relax...that I work too hard. I know it may seem that way, but I really enjoy working. To be honest, it is kind of relaxing for me to study hard. I really enjoy the learning, and when I am a Rabbi one day, I want to have as much knowledge as I can. Becoming a Rabbi is a lifelong goal and endeavor, so I try to learn as much as I can whenever I have the chance!

Shalom for now...I hope it is warmer for you than it is here. Of course, it is warmer in Cincinnati than in Trenton, Michigan where my monthly congregation is. I was there this weekend, and wound up staying an extra night because of the snow and the roads! As I tell Batya...the weather could always be worse!