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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Heaven is in Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Ok, so maybe I am joking, but only a little. Beth Shalom congregation in Fort Walton Beach is an amazing place. Just this past weekend, I was able to co-officiate a conversion and I officiated a Bar Mitzvah. After many hours of travel - with many, many complications - I arrived in FWB and was blessed to be a part of these two simchot. I can honestly say I do not regret at all going through what it took for me to get there. I have mentioned before how lucky I am to be working with this congregation. I cannot restate that enough. The congregants are incredibly nice, and they allow me to try new things every time I am there. This congregation is really allowing me to grow in my rabbinate - allowing me new opportunities and experiences that will be invaluable as I continue my education and career.

The sheer amount of snow we have seen this winter is ridiculous. We have set records already, and we have more snow coming this weekend. If Batya doesn't kill me before we leave Cincinnati (June, 2012), I will have to promise that we live where it is warm! And, let me tell you - I am not happy with the weather. It is pretty (the snow) for about 10 minutes...when the cold sets in, it's over - no more pretty, just awful!

This semester is going by pretty quickly...we are already just about half way through with the semester. With Purim and Pesach coming up over the next month and a half, it will all be over before I even have a chance to take a breath. Then comes the fourth year - a lighter academic year - and a chance to breathe before the 5th year rolls along. But, I am getting a little ahead of myself. The truth is - I am learning so much this year, and I can not be thankful enough.

That is all for now - I will write more again next month!
Stay warm!