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Thursday, October 13, 2011

My shortest and possibly most important blog!

Ok, I have stayed quiet for too long. I am so sick of the politics...I am so sick of the mud slinging and the angry and VERY disrespectful banter going back and forth. Democrats, Republicans, Tea Party people, Independents, all of you. Stop it already! The truth is: Our country cannot succeed, CANNOT move forward the way we are currently moving. Something, MANY things are broke. Stop dragging your feet - all of you - and make a change, make many changes. Tax the rich, tax the poor...what difference does it make? All of us are hurting....and enough is enough!

Put on your big people pants and do your darn jobs. Seriously....


Ok - I may not have the answers, but there has to be something we can do. The first thing is to shut up, stop the mud slinging and work together. Treat everyone with kindness, work together or get out of the darn sandbox!

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