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Monday, August 6, 2012

Searching for God in the darkest places...

Shalom y'all, Attending funerals is not something anyone really enjoys. This is certainly true for me as well. However, an unfortunate truth to being clergy is that I will attend, officiate and co-officiate at many funerals in my life. I have heard that it never gets easier...certainly not for the families of the deceased, no matter how many of their dear ones they have experienced the loss of. So, where is God during these moments in our lives? In our darkest, most desperate moments, where do we find God? Or, more importantly, are we even interested in seeking God? For many, anger and frustration directed at God seems easiest. After all, God is not able to respond and explain to us the why and why not.

A shooting in Colorado, a shooting in Wisconsin...death in Bulgaria, Africa and in so many more places. Where is God? What is going on? Haven't we learned anything from our history? Are we doomed to constantly repeat history, especially our mistakes? When will we learn? These are all very appropriate questions to ask. After all, how do we learn if we do not ask the hard questions? Truth....we need to do MORE than ask questions.

We need to teach love, not hatred. We need to teach understanding and compassion instead of the opposite. What I find interesting is that with all of the anger, hatred and bloodshed present in the world, there are also MANY people who preach understanding and love. Facebook, Twitter, you name is all out there. Organizations exist that have as their number one goal to help those who are in need worldwide. How many of us look outside of our local communities to see those around us who are in need? It is ok to be nervous and afraid. Heck, if it was easy we would all do it, right? Truth...the more difficult it is to get out there and speak to those who are different for us, the more rewarding it will be once we make those connections. Really, it is true....I promise.

Let us stop trying to outdo each other. Let us spend more time focusing on how we are alike and seek to spread understanding of our differences. Friends, it is our responsibility to ensure we teach,
understand, love and accept. After all, the other option will certainly lead us to the darkest hour for
our world...and then who will be left to search for God?

Let me end with a prayer:

Each of us possesses the power to do good. 
Each of us possesses the power to do evil. 
May God give us patience and the ability to choose good. 
May each of us take what God has given us and do good. 

Heavenly Father, show us the wisdom and guidance,
Return to us and help us return to you. 
May we live in a time of peace and prosperity. 
May EVERY nation seek to learn and to teach: 
Peace, Love, Understanding... 

Rabbi Boxt

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