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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Temple Kol Emeth - Big Enough for me, you and 1000 of your friends!!!

Shalom y'all!

This blog is different.  Yes, there are many things I could write about...certainly the catastrophe that has hit Oklahoma this week is important to address.  My thoughts and prayers are with all of those that were affected...I wish for you a speedy return to "normalcy."

However, this blog is about Temple Kol Emeth and my dedication and renewed focus on growing, growing, growing!!!  Look - the numbers tell me that there is a VERY large % of unaffiliated families in the Atlanta area.  Maybe some of you are looking for the right place.  Maybe some of you are looking for a place where you will meet people your own age.  Maybe you have young children and you want your kids to meet other Jewish kids.  Or, maybe you are in an interfaith relationship and you are unsure of what to do.  Well, I will make this easy for you - come see me!  That's right...Temple Kol Emeth is a very unique and special place.  We welcome all kinds of people...all shapes and sizes!

Temple Kol Emeth is kind of like that "one size fits all" item.  Yep...for 30 years, we have been building a community of inclusion and togetherness.  And, when I tell you that you would feel welcome here...I am 100% serious.  We have a culture of "yes" here at Temple Kol Emeth - in our life cycle events, our services, our classes, etc.  Is there something you want to learn about?  Let us know...want to do an unusual or awesomely new kind of service...let us know!

Family, family, family...that is what we are here at TKE.  This is NOT lip service, it's the real deal.  Ask any of our members/owners and they will tell you.

SERIOUSLY, are you still not convinced?  Ok - do this...come out and check us out.  Check our website for all of our upcoming activities:  Join us at Yogli Mogli on Johnson Ferry Road Thursday night...celebrate the end of school from 6-8 pm.  Have a great time with your TKE friends and family.  You will NOT regret it.

Questions, comments, thoughts - come see me or you can email me:

I look forward to welcoming you into the Temple Kol Emeth family!!!

Rabbi Erin Boxt