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Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bringing Shabbat to you.....

Shalom y'all!

It is the summer, which would normally mean that life kind of slows down a bit here at TKE.  However, since the High Holy Days are so early this year, this summer will be spent writing sermons, getting ready for the Jewish New Year and focusing on programming for next year.  It is true - I was hired to be part of the TKE team many reasons.  There is ONE primary reason, though - to attract young families!  Now that I have had a great year getting to know so many of you, it is time for me to refocus on that primary goal!

I have a lot of ideas...we have TKE Night Out on the Town - next week we will be going to Red Sky.  We have these monthly events to not only bring us together to celebrate what IS TKE, but also to give your friends a chance to learn about us.  There is also going to be a Mommy and Me playgroup started very soon - more info on that later.  I do have one idea that I would like to get started on...asap!

Do you have young kids?  Do you feel that coming to TKE for services on Friday night sounds like an impossibility?  I am sure you are not alone.  So, here is what I propose.  I would like to begin a program that focuses on bringing Shabbat to you in your homes!  What I am asking for right now is a group of 5-10 families who would host these dinners/programs.  The first event will be at my home...and we will then venture out into the homes of others.  Hosting is easy - and I will help!

We will have these events once a month and eventually I hope that this will lead to many "smaller" groups of gatherings.  Of course, we will begin with dinner...and then follow with some sort of program - whether it be a Shabbat discussion or a short educational program.  These events will be crafted to meet the needs of those who participate.  Questions - shoot me an email:

Keep your eyes and ears open for more to come!!!