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Friday, June 13, 2014

An Amazing Inspiration for Us All

Shalom y'all!

I needed to write one short blog about an experience that Kobi our tour guide arranged for us.  After our exhilarating jeep ride, we were driven a short way to meet up with some Israeli soldiers and their tank unit.  They were preparing for a large "practice run" in which they "recaptured" the Golan Heights.

To be able to look into the eyes of these young soldiers who are so incredibly excited and dedicated to keeping the citizens of Israel safe, it was actually pretty inspirational to listen to them explain how they understand what they are doing and why they are there.  Although these young men (18-21) are making a huge sacrifice for their country, they feel their contribution is only a small piece in the history of Israel...these heroes just seem their service part of their identity.

Today, we make our way out of the Golan and although we are traveling south, we are ascending to Jerusalem....I will write another blog after Shabbat.

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