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Thursday, June 12, 2014

TKE in Israel Days 3 and 4

Shalom l'kulam! (Hello everyone!)

Today is Thursday, June 12...and I am writing at 12 pm Israel Time (5 am EST).  On Wednesday, we did a lot of traveling.  We left Tel Aviv early in the morning and traveled to one of the most important cities for Christianity - Ceasaria, Herod's Kingdom by the Sea.  Herod built this city/port as a thank you to Augustus Ceasar in order to show his allegiance!

While in Ceasaria, we visited the theater (where many plays and perfomances were seen 2000 years ago and where concerts are still seen today), the Hippodrome (or Coliseum where horse races, gladiator fights and other competitions were held), and spent some time playing around and reenacting the Gladiators!  (You can see those videos on Facebook - there are about 8 of them).  After Ceasaria, we traveled North to Haifa for a gorgeous view over the Bay looking directly down on the B'hai Gardens (a truly beautiful place).

From Haifa, we traveled to Tzfat - the ancient Holy City of the Kabbalah.  There we met with Avram,  a very talented Mystical artist, were allowed to purchase some of his artwork...and then we ventured on to a couple of beautiful synagogues in Tzfat.  At the end, after some time to peruse the art galleries, we went to the famous Tzfat Candle Factory.  While some were shopping, some of the men/boys went with Kobi to the Mikveh (the very famous ritual bath from years and years ago!).

From Tzfat, we traveled to our hotel/residence for the next two days - Kibbutz Gonen.  This is a faboulous Kibbutz in the North of Israel very close to the Golan Heights.  Today, we have had many options to have some fun - going to the Teva Naot factory (GREAT shoes), going rafting or resting back at the Kibbutz, traveling to Katzrin and Har Ben-Tal (a famous mountain army base overlooking Syria), an Olive Oil factory and Chocolate factory, a wine tasting at the Golan Winery for the adults (an apply juice tasting for the kids), concluding with the choice of either a water hike with Kobi or a Jeep Ride through the area with me!  Make sure to check out the pictures from all of our adventures - you can get the link from my FB page!

Stay tuned for the next blog which will be after Shabbat in Jerusalem!!!

That's all for now!

Rabbi Boxt

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