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Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Bless and be blessed...

I am constantly after day, hour after hour of the many, many blessings in my life.  During my "normal" day, I am given many opportunities to be blessed by the ideas, thoughts and examples of others. Sometimes, though, I am actually asked to give a blessing to others. When I visit with congregants in hospitals or in their homes, I find myself being blessed - after all, it truly is my honor to be with people during their most vulnerable AND happy times.  I am often thanked when I visit with people...what they often do not recognize or understand is that I am just as thankful of them as they may be of me.

As we approach the High Holy Days, many of us will turn to self reflection.  We will begin to think about all of those moments in the previous year when we were challenged and/or given opportunities to do things differently - not better, but different.  Of course, we have had our successes as well...which often are overshadowed by our failures and challenges.  Let me remind you - without failures, we would never be able to understand what it means to succeed - and vice versa.  When we reflect this month, let us dig deep down in our memories for those moments we may have forgotten or chosen to bury.  After all, those moments also help to determine who we are.

This year - may we all be blessed...and may we all bless.  May we find ourselves entering 5775 with a renewed sense of determination...determination for any number of goals or successes.  May 5775 bring us answers to some questions we still have.  May 5775 bring us blessings and the opportunities to bless.  When you meet with someone, bless them...and through that blessing, allow yourself also to be blessed. Reciprocity - that is the key.  When we seek answers, let us also give answers.  When we ask questions, let us also answer the questions of others.

My wish for this new year is that each of us has the opportunity to bless...and to be blessed.  On behalf of Batya, Carlie and myself, I wish for each of you to have a healthy and happy new year.  May we all be blessed together as we bless each other.

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